Pagan Politicians 8/14/06

So I am watching 30 days and 30 nights. Which has an atheist living with a Christian family. And the show brought up a few topics. I myself try to live a pagan lifestyle. I believe completely in freedom of religion. This country was built on the backs of people looking for toleration, and acceptance. Yet this countries beliefs system has been twisted and perverted to such an extent. That me a non Christian I fear for my own future. I fear for the life my children will have. Especially recently with 9-11 and gay marriages, Christians with a political point were growing by the dozens. I mean personally why would I vote for a politician that despises my lifestyle. Do you think they care about my needs, about my opinions. No. People of the non Christian faith are surrounded by objects of faith. Church’s, money, pledge of allegiance, court proceedings. I’m not saying I want all objects of the Christian religion removed. But the same respect given to other religions. To take for example the battle a certain pagan family has been going threw to get a pagan symbol place on their fallen son’s military gravestone. The government is jerking around a war hero’s family. And the fact that a Christian politicians can make their allegiances known publicly, and yet an atheist or pagan, even Muslim politician would be ostersized, and the competitor would win by a land slide. I just want equality, it sounds so simple yet it is so hard to achieve, So what do we as an pagan community do. Do we stand up for our rights and hope the backlash is not too severe. This is where another challenge pops up, how to unite among a common goal. The pagan community is so diverse we are Wiccan‘s, we are witches, stregans, dianics, and more. We are as varied as the flowers in the field. But I feel like it is time for us to stand behind someone with our interests in mind. I would have no problem standing behind a politician with a new age umbrella view point. And I bid any such person with those aspirations to follow your dreams. You will have more support than you could ever imagine.





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