Welcome to Thorns Meadows Vs. Emerald Eyes. My website has taken some many turns and twists it hard to remember where it all started. I think it was a free site hosted by draknet, almost 9 years ago. Then called ThornWater's Realm, then there was ThornWater's Place, Innocence Lost, BlueTail's Grove, Soar, Juno's Horizon, Lilith's Path, and probably a few more i can't remember. With various domain names to match. Hopefully this will be my last move. But you never know what the future will holds. The site contain information, a store, and graphics of the new age, pagan, Wiccan nature. If this offends you please just click exit and be on your merry way. I do not need people acting childish by posting ignorant comments in my guest book. They will be deleted right away. Now for the fundamentalists that believe they need to save me, i am fine nothing needs saving as of yet, and I'll let you know if i do.

So if you agree with all my above conditions then please go ahead and click Enter if not please click on the Exit.





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